What is content marketing?

Online content marketing is a strategic marketing technique using authentic, original, valuable and informative content to attract and retain an audience. The process is designed to build trust and loyalty in targeted audiences which, in turn, incites a purchase response from customers.

Content marketing is a long-term, sustainable marketing process. We specialise in content marketing because it compliments your existing marketing activities and is proven to generate new leads.

Content marketing enables you to:

  • Connect with your audiences on a conversational level
  • Communicate with your audiences in a sustained and authentic way
  • Communicate with your client base instantly and via the channels they actually use and engage with (content marketing enables you to put the right content in front of the right customers at the right time)
  • Share content that will generate demand for your services and position you as the experts in your industry.

Why content marketing?

We specialise in online content marketing because it’s a meaningful way to engage and communicate with your existing and prospective clients. It is not traditional advertising. Instead, content marketing is about attracting customers, creating a meaningful connection with them and maintaining that relationship, generating interest and loyalty. Later down the line (this doesn’t happen overnight!), continual content marketing will trigger a purchasing response and hopefully a sustained demand for your services and products.

What are some online content marketing tools?

Our favourite online content marketing tools are:

  • e-newsletters and conversion-driven emails
  • Writing for blogs, e-books and website landing pages
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Podcasts and video
  • Infographics.